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Fulfillment@Work: TITLE
July 1, 2001

Welcome to the Fulfillment@Work Newsletter
Published by Joel Garfinkle, Dream Job Coaching
ISSN: 1533-3906

Message from Joel

Much like a rapidly moving hurricane or a highly contagious virus, unemployment is once again sweeping the globe causing an economic epidemic that's plaguing nearly everyone. That's why this week's issue will focus exclusively on a subject I've entitled "" as well as offering valuable tips on how to survive the fallout if you or someone else close to you becomes yet another unfortunate victim.

Do you know anyone who is currently:

* Out of work.
* Unhappy in their job.
* Ready to leave their job.

Refer them to Joel Garfinkle. I can be reached by phone at (510) 339-3201 or by e-mail at

When I began writing this newsletter over 2 1/2 years ago, I never imagined it would have such an impact on close to 3,000 subscribers. If you know anyone who might benefit from the information and inspiration contained within this special issue, please don't hesitate to to send them the link.

Or make an even greater difference, by sending the link to everyone on your e-mail distribution list! The more people we get this critical information regarding unemployment, the fewer people who will be caught off guard when this unpredictable economic tragedy strikes.



1. Feature Article:
2. Quotes of the Week
3. Love Work Tip: Get Your Time Back!
4. Dream Job Tip: Revitalize Your Resume
5. We Recommend:

Feature Article

Make no mistake about it, the introduction of the Internet (no matter who invented it) has revolutionized the job market and the way companies operate both positively and negatively. Now in the midst of what some experts are calling the biggest tech slow down in over a decade, what do you do if you become yet another member of "Club"

If your Dream Job happens to fall within the high tech or computer industry, a recent article published in Business Week entitled "25 Leaders for a Dangerous Time" offers some bold advice from two of the most influential figures in e-business: AOL Time Warner Chairman Steve Case and Monica Luechtefeld, executive Vice President of e-commerce for Office Depot. Both strongly advise not to hunker down and try to wait it out.

Although technology and the Internet may not be growing lickety-split, they are definitely not going away. Do everything you can to prepare for the upswing. Jeffrey K. Skilling, CEO of Enron Corporation adds, "A lot of people will pull back. They will be missing tremendous opportunities. Those with the capital and talent should push forward and widen the lead."

As a coach I couldn't agree more. No matter what industry or field you happen to be working or interested in, if a company has to cut people, they will cut people, no matter how talented or great they happen to be. So, yes, you are expendable. However, where you want to work and what you want to do are still totally in your control. In fact, if you are currently out of work, now may be your best opportunity to discover or rediscover a concept I have taught in both good times and bad: The Power of Free Agency.

Many people think of free agency as existing only in the sports world, but it's one of the most effective ways I know of to protect yourself against the "here today, gone tomorrow" employment philosophy of the 21st Century. With more mergers and acquisitions, companies simply cannot promise you'll be a lifelong employee anymore. Even in these uncertain times, you can become a free agent inside your current organization, or outside of it, by taking back the power from the company controlling your income by creating the job you ultimately want.

How do you stay employable and become a free agent within the company you work? The best way is to know the skills, values, abilities, talents, gifts, passions, interests and tool sets that make you unique and indispensable in order to leverage them in your current work situation to not only stay employed but, more importantly, be recognized for these skill sets and rewarded financially.

A similar process can also occur when you're searching for your Dream Job. Begin by getting to know who you truly are. Again, the best way is the same as above by taking an inventory of your special interests, skills, passions, etc. Doing so will allow you to begin to touch the freedom of free agency. Once you know what you want, you have the power. You have the control. Knowing exactly what you want, gives you the added advantage of attracting people who do the work that you most want to do and the network to help your dream job become a reality.

No matter what your current job situation, you can discover the power of free agency by following the following commonsense steps taken from my workbook Land Your Dream Job:

1. Make time this week and write on a piece of paper what your skills, values, abilities, talents, gifts, passions, interests and tool sets are.

2. As you compile your list, become clear on how you are utilizing or have utilized these assets in your past or present work situation.

3. If your positive attributes aren't being fully utilized, make changes so that the real you will become a part of the job you have now or in the future.

4. Don't waste your talents just because your environment hasn't become aware of them. Make your potential or current employer aware and be proactive.

Remember in today's unpredictable economy, your strongest assets are the knowledge and skills you already possess. Achieving a complete understanding of the talents you hold and continuing to expand on them will empower you to find or create place in the working world designed especially for you.

If you want to learn how to Find Your Dream Job, click here:

If you want to learn about Executive Coaching, visit:

~ Joel Garfinkle
Dream Job Coaching:
Live Your Dream Life!

Quotes of the week

"Every production of genius must be the production of enthusiasm."
~ Benjamin Disraeli

"It's how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success."
~ David Feherty

"For good or ill, your conversation is your advertisement. Every time you open your mouth you let men look into your mind. Do they see it well clothed, neat, businesswise?"
~ Bruce Burton

Love Work Tip
Get Your Time Back

Ever wish you could eliminate those tedious one-way conversations or unexpected visits from overly talkative co-workers that steal productive moments from your day? Believe it or not, there are tactful ways to get rid of someone without flat out telling them to get lost or worse.

Here are several useful phrases you can use to give someone the "heave-ho" while remaining totally polite:

* For unwanted phone calls or visits, tell your friend or co-worker you'll return their call in a few moments or stop by their office later.

* Try a little reverse psychology by using a phrase like, "I really don't want to take up anymore of your time, so I'd better say goodbye."

* Or simply inform your unexpected visitor that you really don't have the time with the old standard: "Excuse me, but I really must get back to work."

These phrases should not be perceived as rude put-offs or blatant snobbery. They are simply a kind way to inform your more talkative co-workers of your needs. Once you practice and use them on a regular basis, you'll be amazed at how much others will begin to respect your time.

Dream Job Tip
Revitalize Your Resume

Your resume should never be a static document. What I mean by this is your resume is an up-to-the minute reflection of exactly what you have to offer to the potential employer holding the key to your dream job. To keep it current you need to keep on refining and revising it during the entire job hunting process.

One of the best ways to keep it fresh is to avoid using passive verbs such as was, were or are and replace them with active verbs to further bulk up your qualifications, talents and skills on paper. Here's a short list of some of my favorites to help you make your resume sing: * Audited * Consolidated * Coordinated * Developed * Designed * Facilitated * Implemented * Maintained * Organized * Planned * Supervised

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