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“Workers at all levels of the corporate ladder are enlisting [executive] coaches for guidance on how to improve their performance, boost their profits, and make better decisions about everything from personnel to strategy.”
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As an executive coach, Joel helps clients move to higher levels of leadership by creating impact, exercising influence, boosting visibility and achieving significant victories on key projects. Capitalizing on Joel’s experience and insights, they convey confidence as business leaders and chart decisive career paths maximizing their potential. His clients are able to increase their responsibility and value to the company, navigate company politics and eliminate the roadblocks that keep them from rising to the top and enjoy fulfilling careers.

Garfinkle Executive Coaching works one-on-one with professionals to reach career and personal goals, and to enjoy higher levels of success than was previously possible. Joel Garfinkle is an experienced, insightful executive coach who helps executives, managers, and supervisors:

  • Convey confidence as a business leader
  • Master the art of visibility and self-promotion
  • Balance work, family, and personal time
  • Create effective decision-making skills
  • Become more productive in less time
  • Advance confidently up the corporate ladder
  • Cultivate teamwork and job satisfaction
  • Chart a decisive career path that will maximize your executive potential
  • Eliminate the roadblocks that keep you from rising to the top of an organization
  • Successfully navigate company politics and use them to your benefit

Contact Joel Garfinkle to discuss your executive coaching needs at 510-339-3201 or send an email to joel@GarfinkleExecutiveCoaching.com.

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