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Proven Salary Negotiation Strategies and Tips on how to Effectively Ask for a Raise

Do you want to:

Earn what you deserve?
Get paid what you are worth?
Maximize your earning potential?

All this is possible when you apply this proven 10-Step “Get Paid What You’re Worth” Program. Like most people, you probably feel your work is worth more than the salary you make. You want a compensation that reflects the actual value you bring to your company.

It’s time to have the courage to ask for the money you deserve. Whether you’re considering a new job or asking for a raise, this program will teach you the salary negotiation strategies you need to negotiate the highest amount possible.

Step 1 Get in the right mind-set.
Step 2 Prepare for the negotiation early.
Step 3 Gather information to prove your case.
Step 4 Provide fact-based, quantifiable data.
Step 5 Communicate a persuasive argument.
Step 6 Learn the secrets to negotiating the highest amount.
Step 7 Realize the Dos and Don’ts of negotiation.
Step 8 Negotiate the Best Offer.
Step 9 Consider the impact before accepting an offer.
Step 10 Don’t forget to follow-up.

People who will Benefit from this 10-Step Program

Every person who wants to make more money can benefit from this 10 step raise and salary negotiation strategy program, but it is especially useful for those who are:

  • Stuck with no raise for the past year or two.
  • Earning $100,000, but haven’t received a substantial raise in recent years.
  • Lack a high paying job.
  • Six-figure executives who aspire to join the seven-figure club.
  • Don’t know how to negotiate a with effective raise and salary negotiation strategies.
  • In middle management working for companies that have cut back on pay raises due to the poor economy.
  • In a position where they face public salary negotiations.
  • Unsure how to achieve a job offer with the highest salary.
  • Underpaid by thousands of dollars.
  • High paid executives who want more lucrative bonus or benefit packages.
  • Hesitant to ask for a pay increase during this recession.
  • Unclear how to discuss salary increases during their performance review.
  • Not sure how to come up with a good raise or salary negotiation range.
I made $44,000 in 20 minutes!

“I was making only $50,000 with a wish to make $70,000, but Joel recommended I ask for the unbelievable amount of $94,000. I was surprised when my employer accepted. Joel’s Salary Negotiation Strategies gave me a new perspective on salary negotiation.”

Margaret Dick
General Manager
Gentry Communications

What you get from the “Get Paid What You’re Worth” Program

To negotiate the salary and raises you deserve, you will apply many of the negotiating tactics discussed in this 10-Step Get Paid What You’re Worth program. This process is jam-packed with insider tips, proven strategies and salary negotiation secrets, including:

Preparing To Negotiate

  • 15 do and don’ts of negotiation.
  • 8 websites to research the market value for your position.
  • 12 ways to find the appropriate salary for your position.
  • Capitalize on the 8 best times to negotiate.

Best Practices

  • 10 common mistakes to avoid during the negotiation.
  • 22 proven strategies to become the #1 candidate so you can negotiate a top salary.
  • 4 effective ways to get your employer to appreciate your value.
  • 8 requirements necessary before an employer can understand what you’re really worth.

Secrets To Negotiate The Highest Amount

  • 15 secrets to negotiating the highest amount.
  • 8 yes’s for every no on why you deserve a raise.
  • 5 of the most common fears that make you reluctant to ask for a raise.
  • 4 things your company considers when giving a raise.
  • 52 benefits, perks and concessions to negotiate.

Negotiation In Action

  • 4 ways to respond when asked about your last salary.
  • 5 proven stories that demonstrate your worth.
  • 2 ways to respond when the salary is discussed early in the conversation.
  • 10 objections to be prepared to overcome.
  • 7 ways to follow-up to get the desired amount.

Securing The Best Offer

  • 10 ways to get the raise or salary that feels impossible to achieve.
  • Track 16 items to present an ironclad case for a raise.
  • 5 proven techniques to implementing a salary negotiation strategy that gets the highest amount.
  • 4 questions to ask yourself to evaluate how your negotiation performance went.
  • 17 things to consider before accepting an offer.
My Salary and Benefits went up 20%

“As a direct result of my work with Joel, my salary and benefits went up 20%, my autonomy within my organization reached unprecedented levels, and I learned how to create islands of excellence in an academic institution. It was the best money I ever spent, and my suspicion is that you will find the same.”

Betty Wilkinson
Associate Director
The IRIS Center at the University of Maryland

Whether you anticipate a private negotiation or a public salary negotiation, this 10-step process will teach you how to effectively negotiate for a higher salary using proven salary negotiation strategies, how to develop a fair salary negotiation range by understanding what other people with similar job experience make, and how to justify your salary negotiation by quantifying your contributions to the company.

Get Paid What You’re Worth!

In addition to Joel’s proven step-by-step program for effective raise and salary negotiation, you can learn even more when you purchase Get Paid What You’re Worth. This book provides you with a deep understanding at how successful employees get recognized at work and get the salary they’re worth. Learn how you can get paid what you’re worth by ordering this companion book today!

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Get Paid What You’re Worth
Get Paid What You’re Worth

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This book provides proven salary negotiation strategies and tips to effectively negotiate a raise or a higher salary when starting a new job. You will learn how to get paid what you are worth and to maximize your earning potential. This book is jam-packed with insider tips, proven strategies and salary negotiation secrets.

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