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Why Do We Lose Our Spark? [Dream Job Coaching]

Fulfillment @ Work

   January 18, 2006
   ISSN: 1533-3906


Could 2006 be the year that your dream career finally becomes reality? The new year can, indeed, be everything you hope it will be if you start now. You just have to set specific goals, create a plan to fulfill them, and take the right actions at the right time.

It sounds easy...and it is once you commit to making the necessary changes in your life. You have to be determined to move your career forward and focus on the desired end result, but it is possible to have the career you've always wanted.

In the last issue of Fulfillment @ Work, I urged you to take some time before the end of 2005 to think about what you truly want. If you did that last December, you've already taken the first step. If not, there's still time to establish your goals for 2006. For more information on goal setting, visit the Dream Job Coaching blog.

Have a goal-oriented week,



Why Do We Lose Our Spark?
by Joel Garfinkle

The word "inspiration" has been defined as an infusion of light or spirit that provides a solution for a challenge or problem.

Of course, you cannot have light without a spark. It is truly the spark of inspiration inside of you that must be ignited to create the motivational path necessary to properly align your deepest interests and passions with a career or lifestyle that truly embodies who you are.

Therefore, we must protect the spark of inspiration from the many dark shadows of negativity. However, it is equally important that in your eagerness to preserve the spark of inspiration that you don’t smother this passionate flame so deep inside that you never allow yourself the freedom to let it shine brightly ever again.

Some of the most common reasons for losing that spark of inspiration are:

• Failing to look for things that interest us or not fully exploring a particular interest until all the life-transforming possibilities fully materialize.

• Working all the time and becoming too exhausted to dream about our exciting future. For example, our current job takes way too much effort and tires us in such a way that we have no energy to pursue anything else.

• Doing the routine, day by day and week by week, rather than living as if we only had one year left to live.

• Becoming complacent or getting stuck with where our life is today, refusing to make any changes or doing anything that takes effort. As one of my clients described: “I am not going to find what I like so why should I go for it?”

• Surrounding ourself with those who want to extinguish our spark by putting down any inspired ideas, exciting dreams, or new directions we wish to follow. In other words, they want to keep us down because they don’t possess the personal motivation necessary to change or succeed.

• Not having the necessary courage to run with the ideas we gain from our spark of inspiration.

• Doing what we're “supposed” to do, instead of what we might be drawn to do or be most excited about doing. Remember, “supposed to” is what our family, peers, or society encourage us to do, while doing what we “want to do” will help us remain focused on what we desire for the rest of our life.

It seems for every million reasons why our individual sparks go out, there is only one pebble of sand that represents the real reason why this spark needs to stay alive. Yes, we all have fears that want to protect us and keep us safe. But by refusing to leave our comfort zones, the spark of inspiration will remain unlit.

In order to reach the ‘promised land’ of an authentic and real way of life, you must consistently and uncompromisingly leave the shores of complacency and venture into new and uncharted territory where you will either land on your feet or learn how to fly.


"Leadership is the wise use of power. Power is the capacity to translate intention into reality and sustain it."
~ Warren Bennis

”It is not good enough for things to be planned - they still have to be done; for the intention to become a reality, energy has to be launched into operation.”
~ Walt Kelly

”Our intention creates our reality.”
~ Wayne Dyer

”It is by translating your fine sense of aspiration into actual lofty deeds that you grow toward your ideal. Link your lofty thoughts to earnest, active effort, and good results will inevitably follow. The great things you intend to do some time must have a beginning if they are ever to be done, so begin something worthwhile today.”
~ Grenville Kleiser


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