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Seven Tips for Career Success [Dream Job Coaching]

Fulfillment @ Work

   April 26, 2006
   ISSN: 1533-3906


Do you truly love your job? Is it as fulfilling as it could be?

If you were able to say a resounding YES in response to both questions, congratulations! You have achieved true career success.

If your answer to one or both questions wasn't all that positive, I hope you realize that job fulfillment is possible. In fact, it might be closer than you realize.

This week's fulfillment tips offer a good place to start in achieving the career success you've always wanted. Used separately, each of the seven tips can give your career a boost, but if you want to really accelerate your forward momentum, address all of them.

Come up with a system that allows you to focus on a different tip each week for seven weeks (or each month for seven months if that's what your schedule allows). At the end of that period, you should see some amazing improvements in your perspective, productivity, and visibility at work.

To see results even more quickly, consider working through the tips with the help of a mentor or executive coach who can provide feedback, encouragement, and additional suggestions for achieving career success.

Have a fulfilling week,



1. Expand what you love.

Identify the most enjoyable activities or projects in your job and fully incorporate them into your daily responsibilities. Most of us excel at those things we love the most, so seek out opportunities to do what you truly enjoy. Take on new projects and offer to help others with theirs whenever the tasks involved will feed your passions.

2. Prioritize your most important activities.

Prioritize your projects and related tasks so that you can identify what is most important and use your time accordingly. To carve out time for your most important responsibilities, determine which are your less significant projects and tasks and delegate them to the proper people. This will allow you the appropriate time and energy to focus on your top priorities without being distracted by less relevant details.

3. Get support at work.

Supporters are people who show an interest in you and your career and who invest the time to explain what it takes to move up within the company and get the job you want. They can help you reach the next level by providing resources, insights, and knowledge. In return, be sure to give your support to others as they move up the career ladder.

4. Stay engaged and avoid stagnation.

Executives need to have more options than just trying to get promoted. Growing your career and advancing upwards in an organization can take many different forms and may require that you make some unexpected choices. Discover and explore positions that offer lateral movement within your company. The right lateral position, while not a step upward, may allow you to polish vital skills or utilize unique talents that will get you noticed. Take advantage of opportunities wherever you find them.

5. Don't wait for the annual review to receive feedback.

Don't wait for employers, colleagues, or supervisors to provide feedback and recognition. Ask for it. If you learn about something that needs improvement, act on it quickly. When you get positive feedback, don't just accept it and move on. Make sure others in the company know about your outstanding achievements, your impact on the organization, and your desire for advancement.

6. Provide clear career paths.

Identify opportunities for people to shine. Explain what's required for your employees to move forward in the organization based on the company's or department's plans for the next one, three, and five years. Then help them select the best path and support them as they move forward toward their goals. When your employees shine, it reflects positively on your area of responsibility...and on you.

7. Give constant praise.

You can't be proud of yourself until somebody's been proud of you, so give your staff the gift of appreciation. They need to know that their efforts for the company are recognized and valued. When your employees feel appreciated for their contributions, their productivity and the quality of their work is likely to improve significantly. And their success is ultimately your success, as well.


The first key to wisdom is this: constant and frequent questioning, for by doubting we are led to question and b“y questioning we arrive at the truth.”
~ Peter Abelard

“Nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease … with carefulness, harmony, and love, we create success and good fortune with effortless ease. An integral being knows without going, sees without looking, and accomplishes without doing.”
~ Lao Tzu

“What is freedom? Freedom is the right to choose, the right to create for yourself the alternatives of choice. Without the possibility of choice and the exercise of choice a man is not a man but a member, an instrument, a thing.
~ Archibald Macleish


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