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The Power of Awareness [Dream Job Coaching]

Fulfillment @ Work

   May 10, 2006
   ISSN: 1533-3906


When you feel tied to a career that doesn't fit your idea of a dream job, you may spend your workdays just going through the motions, wishing you were somewhere else. Even if you've landed your dream job, you may eventually take it for granted instead of savoring every moment as you did when it was fresh and new.

Whether you love your dream job or barely tolerate a not-so-dreamy job, you have the power to get more from your time at work simply by becoming fully conscious. It's really fairly easy to do.

Become aware of your potential, skills, talents, and abilities. Seek out opportunities where others wouldn't think of looking. In fact, consider every interaction with management, coworkers, and subordinates as a golden opportunity to shine, to be of service, or to learn. Understand your role within the organization as a whole, then develop an awareness of the impact you have on others.

If you practice this level of awareness diligently, you will soon realize that consciousness coupled with action can shape the way you feel about your work and help you make decisions that are aligned with your deepest desires. And that is the path to true fulfillment.

To give you an awareness boost, I've collected four powerful ideas as this week's Fulfillment Tips. Apply them this week and begin to experience the profound power of awareness.

Have a fully conscious week,



The Power of Awareness

1. An unexplained force.

Every aspect of your life, including your career, is being guided by an unexplained force. Coincidental events will occur. You will make unexpected and fortunate discoveries. You will experience a kind of randomness of fate that often works out in your favor. When this happens throughout your day, are you aware of the connections? Are you watching out for the person or opportunity that represents your next place of connection? In order to get the best from your life and your career, become conscious of how it’s all connected. Recognize the way each event serves as a guide to the next event and then the next.

2. Find joy in life.

Engage in activities that are enjoyable, amusing, and fun. Seek out enjoyable activities whenever possible both at work and at home. Experience fun with your coworkers, children, spouse, partner, friends, and family -- and by yourself. Choose activities that feel good, that lift your spirit, and that fill you with joy. Especially when your life seems to weighed down by difficulties and challenges, it’s important to seek out joy! Laugh. Be playful and lighthearted. It's infectious and it promotes the kind of creativity that leads to a fulfilling life.

3. Do the best you can with who you are and what you have to work with today.

When self-doubt arises, as it sometimes will, allow yourself to be with it so that your compassionate self can honor that part of you. By being present with -- and aware of -- what exists in the moment, you will be prepared to seize the next opportunity as it unfolds. This process of awareness and acceptance could reveal the path that leads to your most fulfilling work.

4. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Fear limits our actions. You may want to do something that you know will benefit your career, but you choose not to act because you fear what MIGHT happen. Don’t let fear get in the way of achieving what you truly want. Instead, move the fear to the back of your mind so you can go forward with faith that a positive outcome is not only possible, but likely. Fulfillment lies just beyond your fear, so gather your courage and take action today.


“If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view and see things from that person's angle as well as from your own.”
~ Henry Ford

“If you want to be successful in a particular field of endeavor, I think perseverance is one of the key qualities.It's very important that you find something that you care about, that you have a deep passion for, because you're going to have to devote a lot of your life to it.”
~ George Lucas

“Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop the picture.”
~ Norman Vincent Peal


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