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July 21st, 2009
   ISSN: 1533-3906

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Please forward this newsletter about increasing your visibility at work to your family, friends, and coworkers.

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I often talk to clients about strategies to increase their visibility at work and be more aggressive at promoting themselves. Many of them regard self-promotion as shameless "brown-nosing." They don't want to risk alienating their boss or coworkers by calling attention to themselves.

"I'll let my work speak for itself!" is a common response.

If you feel this way, you need to change your mindset.

Never assume your work speaks for itself.

There are dozens of subtle ways to let your boss and upper management know about your accomplishments. A one-paragraph, timely email simply stating the facts (in a non-boastful way) can speak volumes. Better yet, ask a client to pass along the good news when you've solved a problem or provided excellent customer service. And, whenever possible, use "we," "our team" or "our group" instead of "I," when talking about your triumphs.

This week, I encourage you to try to find one, just one, opportunity to promote yourself at work. You'll find it's not as difficult, or demeaning, as you think. If you want specific coaching in this area, please contact me at

Check out the article below for some other strategies to increase your visibility.

All the best,



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Assume your organization is downsizing and you have no choice but to layoff one of these two valued employees: Sarah or Jim.

Both have the same job title and have been with your company for about four years.

Sarah is always at her desk. She's soft-spoken and gets her work done on time. But you're not quite sure what her clients think about her. You've never heard any complaints. But you haven't heard many compliments either.

Jim provides you regular updates on key sales and problems he's solved. He also sends you and your boss copies of positive feedback from clients. He's volunteers to serve on interdepartmental committees and is a strong advocate for you and your team.

Which employee would you be more likely to retain?

Even though Sarah might be just as talented or valuable, you'd probably choose Jim, right?

That's because Jim realizes the importance of self-promotion. He is constantly looking for ways to increase his visibility at work.

In uncertain times like these, it pays to be proactive. Companies want to hold on to employees they perceive as being high achievers who contribute the most to their organizations.

Here are some other ways to enhance your visibility to influence the perceptions of decision-makers.

1. Take on projects that nobody wants.
Take on a project that no one wants, but is important. This could be a project that directly impacts the business results, but doesn't have an easy solution. You'll have a chance to get incredible visibility if the project is successful. Even if it fails, you will be seen as someone willing to try.

2. Get on new projects.
Be willing to take on new projects or pilot new ideas. This involves taking risks because they could fail. However, new projects provide an opportunity to prove that something can work and thus you get recognition.

3. Make sure to add value to projects.
Look for opportunities to value-add in any project or interactions that you have. This is about not just doing your job well, but doing an additional piece that brings you in-contact with other influential people.

4. Find projects outside your own line of business.
You can get visibility outside of your own organization or group by finding projects outside your own line of business to work on.

5. Involve your boss's boss.
One of the most effective ways to increase visibility is to have your boss inform his or her boss about the important things you are working on, your successes, and the impact you're having in the department. When your boss shares this information with higher-ups, it creates a positive perception of you. Others will take notice and realize what an important commodity you are in the organization

6. Get on high-profile projects.
Involve yourself in high-profile projects so your name comes up frequently (and positively) in discussions at the top levels of the company. Getting involved in projects that are being looked at very successfully can be great for increasing your perception inside the company.

7. Create face time with executives.
Find the executives who have influence in the company and get to the meetings, conference calls and interactions they are attending. The more face time you have with executives, the better the chance that they will get to know you and see your worth and value to the company.

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"We've entered an era when very good, competent people aren't getting jobs. One remedy is to stand out, to self-promote. If you do, you're going to get the nod over some co-worker."

~ Jeffrey P. Davidson, Marketing Consultant


"Two-thirds of promotion is motion."

~ Anonymous


"Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold."

~ Helen Keller


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