Do You Have Executive Presence?

Executive presence is the single most important trait to gaining the confidence of others, raising your profile, expanding your influence and getting ahead at work. Almost all successful business
leaders have it. Do you? Find out by taking Joel’s exclusive 16-point Executive Presence Assessment. Your responses will be submitted to the Joel for evaluation and recommendation as to the best coaching program.

This assessment gives you a clear understanding of your areas of strengths and weakness so you can become a more confident and powerful business leader.

Rate yourself from 1 to 10 in the following categories:

  • If the left side closely describes you – select one of the lower numbers.
  • If the right side closely describes you – select one of the higher numbers.
  • If you fall in between 1 and 10 – select one of the middle numbers.

Strategic vs. Tactical:It's easy for me to think strategically, with a more global perspective.
False 12345678910 True

Whole-Company Perspective: I make decisions based on what's best for the company's success.
False 12345678910 True

Financial Framework: I'm able to look at projects, initiatives and even personnel in terms of their financial value and return on investment.
False 12345678910 True

Ambiguity and Change: I thrive on ambiguity and change.
False 12345678910 True

Leaping Ahead in Your Career: I've learned that exceeding expectations is the way to stand out and gain the confidence of others.
False 12345678910 True

Beyond Your Comfort Zone: I like to stretch my capabilities, take risks and go outside my comfort zone.
False 12345678910 True

Clear Communication: I'm able to communicate clearly and persuasively.
False 12345678910 True

Leading versus Managing: I take advantage of leadership opportunities to influence others and contribute to my company's success.
False 12345678910 True

Share the Limelight: I realize that helping others get recognized will boost their careers... and mine.
False 12345678910 True

Prioritize Your Projects: I'm able to prioritize my work and focus on what matters most.
False 12345678910 True

Solid Thinking Skills: I'm able to analyze issues and problems and come up with the best solution.
False 12345678910 True

Develop Discernment: I have sound judgment and use my internal "moral compass" when making decisions.
False 12345678910 True

Know Thyself: I understand what drives me and am honest with myself about who I am and what I can do.
False 12345678910 True

Seek Feedback: I reach out for feedback and show appreciation from those who provide it to me.
False 12345678910 True

Gain Confidence: I'm not intimidated by failures or self-imposed limitations. I'm comfortable with myself and see failures as opportunities to learn.
False 12345678910 True

Training: I take the responsibility for gaining the training I need for a successful career.
False 12345678910 True

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