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Whether you’re in the market for your 1st or 21st job, where you want to work and what you want to do are still totally in your control when you know how to properly conduct an employment search. So how ready are you? Avoid becoming just another unprepared, out-of-work statistic by completing this free assessment right now! Joel Garfinkle will promptly review your level of employment readiness and respond with a personalized recommendation to help you survive the fallout of unemployment and land the right job in less than half the time.

This assessment gives you a clear understanding of your areas of strengths and weakness for the Job Searching Process. It identifies where to put your energy and efforts.

Rate yourself from 1 to 10 in the following categories:

  • If the left side closely describes you – select one of the lower numbers.
  • If the right side closely describes you – select one of the higher numbers.
  • If you fall in between 1 and 10 – select one of the middle numbers.

Right Job: I know exactly the type of work I want to do.
False 12345678910 True

Job Hunting: I know the most effective and successful way to search.
False 12345678910 True

Strategy: I have the right strategy to find a job.
False 12345678910 True

Networking: I enjoy networking. It helps me find a job.
False 12345678910 True

Informational Interviews: I frequently conduct informational interviews.
False 12345678910 True

Job Interviews: I know how to prepare for an interview and get the job.
False 12345678910 True

Internet for Job Search: I know how to use the Internet to get a job.
False 12345678910 True

Salary Negotiation: I know how much I am worth and the secrets to getting the right salary.
False 12345678910 True

Rejection: I accept rejection as part of the job search and learn from it.
False 12345678910 True

Time on Job Search: I am willing to treat this job search as a job and spend 35 hours per week.
False 12345678910 True

Commitment to Self: I know 1/3 of job hunters give up in the first months. I will be persistent & truly committed.
False 12345678910 True

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