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Whether you are unemployed or employed, this 9-Step Job Search Program will help all job hunters land the best job quickly.

Unemployed – looking for a job.

Being laid off is extremely stressful. It doesn’t quite measure up to experiencing the death of a spouse or a divorce, but losing your job still ranks as one of life’s 10 most stressful events. So it’s natural to feel pressure when you’re laid off. You’re worried about your family, finances and future. Not to mention you’ve been tossed overboard into the worst job market in decades.

Joel Garfinkle’s Job Search Coaching program can put you in a job in half the time! Additionally, you will benefit from learning the secrets of successful salary negotiation tips and how to position yourself as the #1 candidate for a job—enabling you to ask for the salary you deserve—with Joel’s Salary Negotiation Coaching. If you need senior executive career search job help after being laid off or want to make sure you don’t get stuck in a job you hate, contact Joel right away!

Employed – looking for a new job.

Don’t wait until you’re laid off to begin looking for a job. You see the budget cuts, announced layoffs, operating losses and even salary reductions going on in your company. Even if your company is doing fine and you might be feeling too comfortable, have outgrown your current position or seek higher compensation. These are the red flags that tell you it’s time to begin looking for a new job.

The old saying is true: the best time to look for a job is when you already have one. You have the security of your current job which gives you more confidence as you look for a new position. You become a more desirable candidate when they see you are currently working. You have a more active network when you are employed and your network is more inclined to want to help you.

But don’t kid yourself. It’s a tough job market out there, the toughest in decades. That’s why you should invest in this proven Job Coaching program. While others are sending out resumes and anxiously waiting for interviews, Joel can move you to the front of the line. If you want a new job in half the time, contact Joel right away!

While there are many generic services and executive career change firms to help you find a job, Joel offers you personalized coaching that will give you the advantage you need to get the job you want quickly. In addition to getting a job fast, Joel can teach you how to negotiate for the best salary when you sign up for his Salary Negotiation Coaching.

9-Step Job Searching Program

Read on to learn more about Joel’s unique 9-Step Job Searching Program and how it can benefit you!

Step 1 – Survive (and thrive) during job transition

Through constant phone and email communication with Joel, you’ll learn tips that will help you be proactive and positive during your job search and job transition. In this step, you’ll learn how to overcome fear and self-doubt so you can embark on your job search with clarity, direction, purpose and hope.

Step 2 – Target the exact role, industry and job you strongly desire

Joel will help you develop a customized strategy to target the specific industries, companies and job titles that you most want. During your coaching session, you’ll learn how to examine your strengths, weaknesses, desires and goals to discover exactly what kind of job to target.

Step 3 – Avoid the critical mistakes most job seekers make

Joel will help you design a disciplined and aggressive action plan to make sure you reach your goals in the shortest time possible. This “road map to success” outlines the strategic tactics, targets and timelines you’ll need to avoid costly mistakes and get the job you want.

Step 4 – Stand out with a result-driven resume that gets you noticed

Joel will help you craft a powerful resume and cover letter tailored to the job you are applying for—no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all resumes here! A carefully designed resume and persuasive cover letter can dramatically increase your odds of securing an interview.

Step 5 – Unleash the power of networking

If you’ve ever tried looking for a job online, you know how frustrating that can be. While the Web has made pounding the pavement a whole lot easier, it’s also made getting a good job a whole lot more competitive. While others unsuccessfully surf the Internet, you’ll learn how to leverage your network to find job leads for the career you desire.

Step 6 – Win the interview game

Joel will make sure you are thoroughly prepared to approach every interview with confidence. You see, getting a job has far less to do with your actual qualifications and far more to do with your ability to appear qualified. With a little practice and advice from Joel, you’ll be able to handle the tough questions, set the agenda and close the deal.

Step 7 – Choose the right offer

Sometimes what appears to be the best offer on the surface is not the right offer to help you meet your career objectives. Joel will help you objectively weigh the advantages and disadvantages of various job offers and provide you with solid advice to select the job that’s right for you and your career goals.

Step 8 – Negotiate for top salary

Just because you’re interested in a job doesn’t mean you have to accept their initial salary offer. In fact, more people are paid less than they’re worth because they do not know how to effectively negotiate their starting salary. After you learn the secrets for successful salary negotiation, you’ll have the confidence and skill to bargain for top dollar (and other perks) for your new job. Joel’s Salary Negotiation Coaching provides the advice you need to obtain the salary you deserve. Learn how you can get paid what you’re worth by contacting Joel today!

Step 9 – Hit the ground running on your new job

Once you start your new job, Joel will be a valuable resource to help you make an immediate, influential impact on your organization. If you need help overcoming anxiety or want advice on how to position yourself for success in your new career, Joel will be there to help you every step of the way.

Jump start your job search by contacting Joel today!

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