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Getting Ahead

A Summary of the Executive Leadership Book, Getting Ahead, by Joel Garfinkle

Two employees put in the hours, execute excellent work, and achieve results for their company. But only one advances to the next level, while the other faces the frustration of being overlooked for a promotion once again. So, what exactly makes one person more successful than another? The answer: leveraging and applying perception, visibility, and influence better than anyone else. While some people leave the fate of their careers in someone else’s hands, others determine their future using these three critical skills.

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It’s More Than A Job – It’s The Fulfillment Of A Dream

Readers are guided through a proven, seven-step action-oriented process that helps them define and land work that matches their natural gifts and passions. If you’re afraid of making a career change at midlife and the psychological adjustment you may require, you can rest assured that it’s not too late to land your dream job. This book has been used with great success to guide clients from virtually all professions, at all stages of professional development, into fulfilling vocations. Land Your Dream Job is filled with 200 pages, more than 100 unique exercises, and information that will help you throughout your career. Using engaging exercises and tools, you will uncover your unique talents and passions that will lead you to a successful career change now. This remarkably effective process works from the inside out, focusing on the whole person instead of just matching job titles with qualifications.

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Find A Job In 14 DaysFind a Job in 14 Days

A Practical Guide and Process for Finding the Job You Need Fast

This book will teach you how to Find a Job in Only 14 Days – even if you aren’t motivated, don’t have a résumé or have nightmares about job interviews! If you want the confidence and results that come from using a proven job search system, then this book is for you. Whether you want a better job, more money or a complete career change now, this book will help you get through the job search process as quickly and successfully as possible.

+ Free Bonus Report on expert Salary Negotiation when you purchase this product. This report alone normally costs $150.00!

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Get Paid What You’re WorthGet Paid What You’re Worth

How to Negotiate a Raise or Higher Starting Salary

This book provides proven salary negotiation strategies and tips to effectively negotiate a raise or a higher salary when starting a new job. You will learn how to get paid what you are worth and to maximize your earning potential. Whether you’re considering a new job or asking for a raise, Get Paid What You’re Worth will teach you the salary negotiation strategies you need to negotiate the highest amount possible.

book is jam-packed with insider tips, proven strategies and salary negotiation secrets, including:

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Executive PresenceExecutive Presence

Sixteen Characteristics to Help You Advance Up the Corporate Ladder Quickly and Effectively through Increased Exposure, Visibility, and Self-Promotion

In this book you’ll learn how to advance up the corporate ladder quickly and effectively through increased exposure, visibility, and self-promotion. The end result is an extraordinary career in which you reach your full leadership potential. You’ll become the most influential business leader and effective executive by having an executive presence. Learn the top sixteen characteristics which represent the ideal behaviors, mindset and habits of a successful businessperson today!

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Time Management MasteryTime Management Mastery

Stress-free productivity in the 7 key areas of life

Success doesn’t happen because one person has more time than another. Every one of us has 24 hours a day to use as we choose. The question is whether or not we use that time effectively. Individuals who enjoy success in their personal and professional lives follow strategies to guide the choices they make each day. They have mastered the ability to manage their time instead of letting time manage their lives.

Time Management Mastery can help you manage your time and achieve the success you desire and deserve.

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Love Your WorkLove Your Work

Make the Job You Have the One You’ve Always Dreamed Of

If you are looking for a career change at midlife and realize it would be a major psychological adjustment, don’t leave your current job. Instead learn how to love your work. That’s right. Instead of joining the millions of others crowding the job market, your dream job can be the one you already have. Love Your Work can bring new levels of fulfillment into your work life and allow you to enjoy where you are. You can bring more of you and your passion into your work, change your perceptions, and improve your work habits. Turn your job into a dream job you’re excited about going to each day!

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Joel's 17 years of experience helping thousands of individuals obtain their career objectives makes him one of the most sought after career coaches in the nation. Contact Joel for his coaching services.

Recognized as one of the top 50 coaches in America, Joel is a frequent speaker at conferences and is regularly featured in the national media, including ABC News, NPR, New York Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Kiplinger's Personal Finance and Fast Company.

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Joel Garfinkle: A recognized, respected career coach

Joel Garfinkle was featured on ABC News about using a career coach to find your dream job. Watch the video.

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