Joel has created a systematic way to discover and find the work that fully resonates with your truest passion. He is passionate about his work, and is wholeheartedly committed to and completely enlivened by the opportunity for others to work with their own passions, talents and gifts. Joel was on of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself and my life.

Brett PenfilOrganization Consultant,Blue Shield of California

Joel’s passion for his work is evident in the caring and responsible way in which he assists those in need. I recommend Joel Garfinkle and the services he provides through Dream Job Coaching without reservation.

Melanie SummersDirector, Alumni Career Services,California Alumni Association

The dream job process is much more than a job search. It really helped me define who I am, what I want in life and where I want to go.

Craig HambeltonDirector of Sales,

Working through the Dream Job Coaching process has been one of the most valuable experiences I have ever done. Joel’s never-wavering support and understanding really helped me to see my abilities and my dreams clearly. The process makes you really dig deep and look at your dreams. Joel really believes in the unique gifts of each of his clients and that belief is contagious and inspiring. I and feel that it’s some of the best money I could ever spend.

Tabitha Y. SteagerPublic Relations Specialist,PDI/DreamWorks

Joel’s Dream Job Coaching program has been the best thing I have ever done for myself, professionally. The most valuable contributions of his coaching has been the visceral reminder of my capacity to change the world by what I do. It was the best money I ever spent, and my suspicion is that you will find the same.

Betty WilkinsonAssociate Director,The IRIS Center at the University of Maryland

There are many coaches who start with ”what is it you want to do?” Joel’s process actually helps you to first get to that answer and then take action to achieve it. I would recommend Joel’s coaching to anyone who is in a rut in their job, who is looking for something more or needs some direction in their life. Joel is an outstanding coach.

Cecilia WillerPartner Business Manager,Hewlett-Packard

Joel helped me arrange my life so I could gain the greatest degree of satisfaction, meaning and fulfillment. From his coaching, I have determined what is most important and have gone after it.

James L. KeanePortfolio Manager,Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough

My biggest challenge was getting clear on what kind of work I wanted to do moving forward. Working with Joel helped me to see that there was a whole realm of possibilities for me to discover and that my choice needed to come from my heart and not my practical head. He was able to help me clarify my thoughts on what was really important to me in a career.

Michele C. MolitorExperience Design Consultant,Global Pathways

Very quickly, Joel was able to help me understand that my passion for work stems from engaging in work that lets me utilize my natural gifts. To discover those gifts, Joel coached me to look back to my childhood to discover the activities that I found enjoyable and that I was naturally good at, and to extrapolate from those activities the characteristics I would likely find in my dream job. He therefore very quickly helped me get unstuck and start my journey toward my dream job.

Michelle Abrams

This process ”holds your hand” through every phase, gently encouraging you to move forward — one step at a time — on your path to discovering your dream job.

Amy Larson

By seeing other people in group going through the same things, I realized almost everyone only does what society, friends or family think they should, not what makes them happy.

Jodi Williams

Joel is a good listener and very focused. He challenges me to alternatives beyond my comfort zone while providing the support and encouragement to go forward. The results I have gained from his coaching are that I am clear what I want and I am energized through the action steps I take.

Vivien PauDirector of Quality,Asia Pacific Consulting Firm

Without fail, Joel helps me to get very clear on what steps I might take to clear obstacles from my life. His ability to cut through the emotion and get to the solution has been valuable to me.

Kelly Kruegerformer Dir. of Operations,University of Phoenix

Remember, you are the person who resolved an issue I had for 15 years of my life (almost half). You changed me from a high tech marketing manager to professional organizer and entrepreneur! And it was worth every penny.

Tiffany Mock

Joel was highly recommended by another client. During our first call, he communicated a depth of understanding and compassion that none of the other coaches did. With Joel’s guidance I overcame a lot of internal doubt and fear to find my dream job. I am now applying to school to get a Bachelor in Fine Arts for Interior Architecture and Design. Having Joel as my coach was key to stepping out of my fears and doubts. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to lead me through the career discovery process.

Kim Proctor

Joel Garfinkle provided me with inspiration, support, wisdom and a fierce vision for my dreams and goals. I grew through his support and encouragement. Joel’s high standards and strong visions for my dreams held firm throughout the process, and gave me the strength and will to push forward through difficult times. He is pure in heart, clarity and focus and has compassion for the human condition and spirit. He is relentless in energy, passion and drive.

Karen WilsonVice-President,A Pearson Company

Joel has a unique ability to find the positive in almost any situation, to refocus and to inspire people to reach within themselves to achieve their goals.

Kevin S. RosenbergAttorney,Judge Advocate Generals Corps

Joel helped me make a career change to start my own interior design business. I have been extremely successful and just completed my 6th profitable year and I am now designing 10-13K sq ft custom homes and commercial properties.

Avani Rajguru

For the last ten years I worked in the insurance industry, I have been trying to determine what my purpose and mission in my life was with no success. Working with Joel one on one and going thru the dream job process, I immediately started getting the clarity to work thru and understand my personal issues that were holding me back from living a fulfilled life. His no nonsense approach and caring attitude pushed me to dig deep and discover a passion that lay inside my heart since I was a little boy. Between Joel’s coaching and him holding me accountable, it allowed me to look internally and discover my true gifts that has always been there and to pursue my dream job of becoming a high school basketball coach with courage and excitement.

Troy RondenoClaims Adjuster,

It’s not just your analysis and insight that are so valuable. In my case, it was also the human support, encouragement, and optimism tempered with practicality, that was just what I needed.

Julie Miller
ABC News feature

Joel Garfinkle: A recognized, respected career coach

Joel Garfinkle was featured on ABC News about using a career coach to find your dream job. Watch the video.

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